Verified Therapist, Counselor

When you see the “Verified” stamp, it indicates that Mentalzone receives evidence of each therapist’s qualifications, and we have made diligent efforts to verify the following, and have not found any contrary information that could hinder their practice:

  • Name and contact details provided by the specialist.
  • Specialist's diploma.
  • Professional license (if applicable), valid within the state (region) where he or she practices, and verification that no licensing restrictions apply to the professional that prevent his or her practice.
  • Membership in a professional organization.

This can give you extra confidence that any therapist you choose on Mentalzone has professional education and works according to professional standards.

We would like to note that some mental health professionals may provide services even if their country or region does not currently require professional licenses or does not legislate the receipt of a relevant certificate or diploma.

Therefore, if the specialists have the appropriate qualifications to provide services and meet the requirements of your country and region, they can be included in the catalog on the Mentalzone website. However, since they do not require professional licenses or certificates, they may not receive a confirmation stamp from our site.

In turn, we urge users of our Mentalzone platform (according to the requirements of your country or region) to always check the diploma or relevant certificate, as well as the license of the mental health professional before starting cooperation. Make sure that the specialist's membership in a professional organization is current, consider when the license became active and the date of its expiration, and check for any other licensing restrictions that may affect his or her practice (such as complaints about behavior or failure to complete the necessary courses of professional development).

We also recommend asking for confirmation of the relevant qualification before the first session, so that you have full confidence in choosing a qualified professional for your mental health.

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If you are considering psychotherapy but do not know where to start, a free initial consultation is the perfect first step. It will allow you to explore your options, ask questions, and feel more confident about taking the first step towards your well-being.

It is a 30-minute, completely free meeting with a Mental Health specialist that does not obligate you to anything.

What are the benefits of a free consultation?

Who is a free consultation suitable for?


Potential benefits of a free initial consultation

During this first session: potential clients have the chance to learn more about you and your approach before agreeing to work together.

Offering a free consultation will help you build trust with the client. It shows them that you want to give them a chance to make sure you are the right person to help them before they move forward. Additionally, you should also be confident that you can support your clients and that the client has problems that you can help them cope with. Also, you can avoid any ethical difficult situations about charging a client for a session in which you choose not to proceed based on fit.

We've found that people are more likely to proceed with therapy after a free consultation, as it lowers the barrier to starting the process. Many people starting therapy are apprehensive about the unknown, even if they've had sessions before. Our culture associates a "risk-free" mindset with free offers, helping people feel more comfortable during the initial conversation with a specialist.

Another key advantage for Specialist

Specialists offering free initial consultations will be featured prominently in our upcoming advertising campaign, giving you greater visibility.

It's important to note that the initial consultation differs from a typical therapy session: